Thursday, December 10, 2009

Tue 12/08/09

Dear Family

It is hard to believe it's the Christmas season when today it was hot even without a sweater. There are more Christmas lights than I expected here. Our apartment building today put up a Christmas tree and some lights. A really descent number of places have lights up. In 7-11 (we spend a lot of time there) they play Christmas music and it is heavenly. My favorite is when the miaos (daoist or buddist temples) put up Christmas lights. How considerate of them to celebrate Jesus' Birth with us!

This week has been good! Zhu ya ci got baptised and confirmed this weekend and we were so happy. She is so sweet. I will never forget when we were teaching The Sabbath to her. In Chinese, it is translated directly as Rest Day. "So, Zhu ya ci, today we want to teach you a commandment. Do you know what the Sabbath (Day of Rest) is?"She nodded."That's so good! When is it?""Death..." She whispered, her eyes big, hardly looking at us. In Chinese, they say someone is sleeping or resting when they die. I only I wonder what was going through her mind as we told her we were going to teach her a commandment about Death Day. Poor thing!But we cleared that up and she got baptised! Rejoice!

This week we had another investigator have an interview. I will call her... Sister Small to protect her identity. My companion told me that they suspected Sister Small had mental problems and had acted really weird when they visited her before. Our district leader told us to teach her and put her in an interview and the proper judge would deem her accountable or not. When I visited Sister Small, she seemed a little odd but generally fine. She would look at us a little strangely and laugh sometimes, but I always thought it was my Chinese. Then... on the day of her interview she was saying weird things. She thought that my hair had changed colors. She thought that it was black before. She wasn't looking at us normally. She told our district leader his pants were too tight hahaha. He came out of the interview looking disturbed. Things like, she says she has children, but doesn't know their names (she doesn't have any). We set her up and interview with President Yang, emeritus area authority. As soon as she showed up for that one, we knew she wasn't going to pass. “Oh, she is on one today...” When we introduced President Yang, she just laughed. She was not there. It was disconcerting. So, she was deemed unaccountable at this time so doesn't need baptism unless she gets medicated and normal. It's not our job to get her medicated or normal, so I guess we just will see her in the celestial kingdom.

Alright, times up
I love you

Cami's response to my email to her:

It is good to hear from you.

Yes, try moving Fish away from the Window to a good warm spot. He usually swims less and slower during the winter but try to get him to do tricks, it may cheer him up. I've had him for about a year and a half. I got him in May 2008 I think.

Don't stress too much about your lessons. I'm sure you are a great teacher. Maybe you could practice presenting for Daddy and have him give you feedback, or in front of a mirror.

And about getting other things done, I've found having a planner on my mission is very useful. You write down your weekly goals for all aspects (spiritual, physical, intellectual, etc.) and the tasks that need to get done, and then make plans when to do each one.

Yeah, I'm not sure when the last time was I was at Grandpa and Grandma's house...literally years ago. Certainly before MIddle school I'd bet.

Okay, I better hurry and write the family email or won't have any time left! I love you! FML -

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