Wednesday, May 26, 2010

5/23/10 Crazy!

Dear Family-


This week has been good. Church yesterday was insane. It was raining when we left, and as I stepped onto my pedal to mount my bicycle, there was a problem with the chain and there wasn't any tension. I was going downhill and it was raining and slippery so I took quite an impressive fall. Anyway, Sister Dewyea did a playbyplay of what happened for me last night and it was really impressive. I just remember falling on my back then a minute later my bike landing on top of me. I laid in a puddle looking up at the clouds, my bike over me, and considered not getting up. I did, my companion fixed my gears and we went to church. Xing Hui, our new member and her sister hadn't come so we went to go find them. They came with us, and it started really raining hard on the way back. We had missed 2nd ward sacrament by that time and were almost an hour late to 1st ward so Sister Dewyea and I went to 1st ward together. Then we had to correlate a ride for a member for getting to and from the train station, had 2 baptismal interviews, had two ward correlation meetings simultaniously, and had to entertain 3 children of our investigator while she was in an interview. Then the Relief Society president wanted us to play piano for them while we are trying to run back and forth between two ward correlation meetings. Oh, it was crazy.
I told her no.

That is sort of the way church usually goes here but it was particularly crazy yesterday.

Oh yes, Amy asked me a few questions about some Chinglish things I said, so I will translate.

Juabing is a food, and the juabing guy is the man that makes them. Juabing is sort of a flat round bread - like a tortilla in function but quite different in taste and testure. It usually has egg and maybe corn, onions or meat on it, as well as really good spicy sauce. It is really good. The juabing guy in Douliu made the best juabing I've ever had and we were regular customers there. He liked us and would give out English fliers for us.

In my mission (I don't think it is this way in most missions), we categorize our investigators by how close they are to their baptismal date. We give people a baptismal date when we meet them the first time, 5 weeks out. Then they are considered a week E. 4 weeks is week D, 3=C, 2=B 1=A. A week A means that they are getting baptised that week. This system helps us know who we need to focus on the most. "Dropping out of week B" means that for some reason something came up that kept them from becoming a week A and still being ready to be baptised the following week.

If you are wondering, do people in Taiwan really get baptised just 5 weeks after they meet the missionaries? The answer is yes. It is not unusual.

Okay, well my time is close to up.

I love you!
Sister Johnson

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