Tuesday, August 24, 2010


Dear Daddy, Mother, Tina, Shelly, Amy, Miles and Benjamin -

It has been quite a week. I don't even know where to start. We saw a lot of little miracles. We also had a lot of small bumps in the road. A lot of our investigators have sort of. disappeared. Anyway, I don't want to worry about it to much.

Remember Shu Fang and the crazy baptism last week? Well, we are hoping to help her daughter Yi Xuan be baptised. She is eleven and wants to, but her mom is being a bit crazy. ShuFang's baptism was quite traumatic (she will talk about it until the day she dies, I guarantee you) and she is worried about her daughter. She is also mad at me for being insesitive about her daughter's homework. Apparently, Yi Xuan has not done months work of homework and school is starting again soon. Well, Yi Xuan blamed her procrastination on her mom for not helping her, and her mom blamed us for making her use all her energy to quit smoking...* It's a bit ridiculous. I guess that I will just blame the Taiwanese school system for thinking up something as stupid as homework during summer vacation.

Anyway, we will see how things go.

We saw some good miracles this week. I will tell you one story.

Last Monday night, we had a lesson and our backup plan fall through, so we decided to tract near our next appointment. I told Sister Cooper that she could pick where she wanted to go. I had a small feeling we should turn down a certain alley but ignored it because it is a good rule of leadership to not tell someone they are allowed to choose and then tell them they chose wrong. So I let her pick a street and we said a prayer to start tracting. As we prayed I saw a sign in my mind that had a street number on it. So I forgot the good rules of leadership and told her we needed to go look for it. It ended up being the alley I had seen earlier and passed. It looked extremely unlikely - it had an open gate across it and looked like the entrance to a warehouse or manufacturing area. I had seen the sign and number distinctly in my mind, so we went in. It was extremely sketchy, for some reason there was a large untended fire burning and not a soul in sight, let alone a place to tract. We saw an old woman through a screendoor and tried to talk to her - she only spoke Taiwanese. But we kept going. Around a corner it opened up and there was a house with a family sitting on the front porch watching TV. They were a beautiful family; parents and five children and they turned off the TV and we taught them about God's plan for families and the restoration and the Book of Mormon. It was such a little miracle lesson, I would never have thought to look for people in that place.

So this is why you should follow the spirit! It will lead you into all truth and light. Usually my impressions are small feelings and thoughts and ideas.

Alright I have to go

Love you
Sister Johnson

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