Thursday, February 4, 2010

Suprise‏ Sun 1/31/10

Dear Family-

Well, it has been a bit of a crazy week!

I have big news!
Today... I moved to Yuanlin!
I went senior companion!and...
My junior is a native!
Eeek, eek, eek!

I didn't know this before my mission, but companionships have one senior and one junior companion. The senior pretty much has all the responsibility and the junior just follows them around and tries to bear their testimony once in awhile, or at least that's what I did :) As senior, I am now responsible for planning activities, planning lessons, how we set and achieve our goals, dead stack, the APR, and pretty much the spiritual welfare of every single unbaptised or inactive female in Yuanlin plus my companion. It is making my stomach feel nervous just thinking about it. I don't know how to be senior! I've only had three senior companions to watch and learn from. Oh well.

My only consolation is that I think I am going to LOVE Sister Liu. She is very happy and excited and takes a lot of joy in missionary work. Her English is good enough to understand when I have to break into Chinglish, but I am trying to just speak Chinese. I hope that we can just laugh through this movecall as I figure out how to be a senior and how to speak Chinese, haha! I think it will be great.

I had to say goodbye to my beloved Gaoxiong (I will always love that city) but I think Yuanlin will be good too. It is much, much smaller than Gaoxiong as far as people, but is a big area and has a comfortable feeling. The city is bigger than Douliu and we will cover two wards (which I have never done...!) Also, one of the Elders that I served with in the MTC and in Douliu is here too - it was nice to see a familiar face :)

Well, that is all for now, I love you all, keep praying for your little Zhan jie mei, because I don't know what I am doing :)

Sister Johnson

PS - Tastes of Taiwan this week is Biandang - "lunchbox". You choose out from assorted greasy vegetables, greasy tofu, greasy unidentifyable brown stuff that may be a tofu biproduct, and your choice of pan fried meat - beef, pork or chicken (sometimes fish), and they give you rice at the end. It's really pretty good. It is what Panda Express is based off of. I painted it to sound really disgusting but it's not, there just is a lot of oil. I'm afraid for my heart here.

ps where is belise? be safe i love you and i love my pjs :)

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