Tuesday, February 23, 2010

I'm so happy you are alive!‏ Feb. 22, 2010

Do you know what is great? The fact that my whole family is not dead. I hadn't gotten emails in two weeks and when I didn't have any today I had a panic attack for about five minutes that the whole family was dead, ten minutes that just Mother and Daddy were dead in Belize and the sisters didn't know how to tell me, and then called the office to figure out what was going on. Apparently they changed the webaddress of the church email as well as my email account. So hooray! No one is dead and I am once again getting emails.

Things have been good. I don't have much time left because I spent about half wondering why I still haven't heard from anyone and then reading the emails that you all very faithfully still were sending me. I'll try to write more in a minute, but today just may be individual emails!

Sister Johnson

Cami's note to Donna:

It sounds like you have had fun! I can't wait to see some pictures. I'll try to send some home soon myself :) Really, mennonites and Chinese people in Belize? Isn't Belize in South America? I had no idea it was so...diverse down there!

Don't worry, I don't think I've drawn out money in awhile. I probably will in a few weeks or so, but I withdrew about 200$ back when I first got my card out and have been using it since - there aren't a whole lot of other expenses, I may need to buy some things soon though. Don't send the bank card yet - I will think of some things you can send with it :)
Four minutes and I've still got 2 people to email

I'm glad you are home safe!


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