Thursday, April 8, 2010

Mon 4/05/10 Happy Easter

Dear Family,

Happy Easter! I'm not sure Taiwanese people, even in the Church, really get Easter. My companion looked confused when I wished her a Happy Easter, no one mentioned it at church (even during Testimony meeting) and we didn't even sing the Easter hymns. It was very weird. I asked one member if they said "Happy Easter" and she said they did, so we wished each other a Happy Easter and that was it. Oh well. It seems really weird and sad in retrospect; at the time I was too busy to remember more than in passing that it was a day different from any other. I ate some jellybeans and chocolate Mother sent me - luckily the Easter Bunny still delivers to Taiwan :)

I haven't watched General Conference yet - it is this coming Saturday/Sunday for us. It should be a really great weekend - we have a baptism scheduled as well as Conference. I'm very excited. General Conference as a missionary is really the best thing ever. Hopefully this time the English DVDs will work! It just occurred to me, hopefully there will be an English speaking female member that can be my companion because this time I have a Taiwanese companion that doesn't speak English and I probably am not allowed to just watch the elders/one english speaking man in my ward... Pray I will get to watch it in English!

This week was good. We have this investigator, Alice*, who is really funny. She has been an investigator for almost a year now, and is more active than some members and keeps all the commandments. She refused to get baptised though, and they never understood what her concern was. She finally told opened up to us - she wants to get baptised in Utah. Somehow she decided that if she can't get baptised in Utah then she can't to get baptised. It's really insane, but I'm neutral about it. It annoys Sister Liu to pieces but I'm like, if she wants to go to America to get baptised, what does it matter to me - as long as she gets baptised. So if she does, I hope you will all attend! I think it would be cool if my family and friends could go to one of my investigator's baptisms :) Amber really is a character. She also intends to find her "Mr. Right" (her words) while in America. I asked her what her plan was, and she said she will go to a singles party. So...good luck to her! If you have any friends looking for a Taiwanese bride in July, I know someone, no mail-order needed!

Being a missionary is very interesting. I can arguably say, I have learned little that I didn't think I already knew before my mission, but at the same time learned everything. Like who the Savior is. Like what faith is. This week I learned how to pray. Who knew that I was 22, had already been a missionary for 10 months and still didn't know how to really pray? It's nothing I hadn't heard before, I just for the first time really get it. Prayer is communication with God. Prayer is the process of the will of the Father and of the child become one. Ask and what to pray for will be given to you. Maybe some other time I'll tell you more about it. If you ask.

Times up. I love you.

Sister Johnson

*name changed

Cami's email to Donna:

Sounds like a fun time!

Thank you for the package - it made my easter very hoppy :) I am wearing the skirt right now and worn the blouse a few days ago. I haven't had new clothes in a very long time! Sometimes I get old clothes from other sisters, which feels like an inviting change, but I haven't had anything New, clean, unused and untired looking in awhile. It was nice. I've already made a pig of the jelly beans and found my bank card just fine. The makeup is realy nice - thank you, it must have been expensive. It should last me until I come home or longer. No letter from you though?

Love you, thank you so much!

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