Sunday, April 25, 2010

Sun 4/18/10

Dear Family

Another week has passed. I never know what to write anymore.

Taiwanese people are afraid of the cold; no kidding, if it is under 65 degrees people don't want to leave their houses. I will be on my bike sweating and people ride past wearing parkas, bundled up like eskimos. It rained a couple days this week. Rain is another good reason not to leave the house. Rain is more understandable though, as most people ride scooters and Taiwan has redefined "pouring rain" in my vocabulary. It rains more here during one good rainy day than in months back home. In August's typhoon it rained more in 3 days than it does in ten years in Utah. I actually really don't mind working in the rain though. I always feel the spirit as I work in the rain. It is grace - because we are still willing to be diligent even in less than desirable weather conditions, I get an extra portion of the spirit to comfort and guide. So rain away! I refuse to be brought down.

Next week - the 26th - is my birthday as well as movecall. I may be getting a new companion as a birthday present! Hopefully it will still be a good day. I could move - I probably won't.

Umm, ask me some questions so that next week I will know what to write? I'm sorry I spent all my time already-

I love you all very much!


Cami's Email to Donna:
Re: Welcome Spring!!‏

Well, when I come home in the fall we can have a fun time learning how to can beans and make bean brownies. It actually sounds like fun. I don't know if this is a sign that 1. i am a missionary starved for entertainment 2. i am getting old 3. it actually is fun

Who knows!

Thanks for the pictures

I love you!
PS when is Mothers day/ when do I get to call you? It has to be in the next month or so, right?

Can't wait!

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