Sunday, March 14, 2010

Back early‏ Wed 3/10/10

Hello family,

We are back earlier than I expected from the temple! I had heard that it was an all day trip but I guess that I heard wrong. The temple was so good! We got up at 4, took a train and then a bus, did a session (in English), took a few pictures and came back! We even ate on the bus. The only parts I've seen of Taipei have been the airport, temple and out the window of a bus.

I am very sad that this movecall is ending in a few days. Sister Liu is really one of my best friends! We have had so much fun. This movecall I feel like I've really started to express my personality in Chinese. As my friend Elder Vaterlaus says, "It's a lot easier to love people when you understand what they are saying." It's easier to love the people when you can express your love. The more you express your love, the more you love them, and the more you love them the more they love you, and once they love you, it brings out the best in them and you love them even more! It's a wonderful happy cycle.

I feel so many times this movecall my heart just open up. I've felt my heart just open up it's arms and wrap love around one more person. Come in, come in, my heart says every time I meet someone new. There is room for one more in here, there is room for one more. There is enough love for all of you.

I don't know what to talk about today. My zone leader committed me to a new memorization technique for characters - learn hundred a day with a special review schedule. He learned Phase 3 (3,600 characters) in about 5 weeks. The gift of tongues is a miraculous thing.

I love you very much. I'll email this Monday as normal.

- Sister Johnson

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