Thursday, March 18, 2010

Mon 3/15/10

Dear Family,

I have great news. Sister Liu and I are staying in Yuanlin together! It is really very unusual for a junior companion to stay in one place so long. She will be here 6 months. Actually, out of our district of 6, only one Elder moved (my MTC friend Elder Vaterlaus actually). We knew none of the seniors would move because one elder is on his last movecall and Elder Tang and I just moved here, but we thought all the juniors would leave as they had already been here 3 movecalls. It ended up only one junior moved! We were very suprised. It was my MTC friend Elder Vaterlaus so that is too bad but oh well! Sister Liu is staying and that's enough for me.

This weeks earthquake was okay. We did feel it, it was pretty big (a 6). It happened during personal study and seemed to last awhile but I didn't know what to do. The office called to make sure nothing in our apartment was broken, I guess some missionaries in Taipei had some things break, we were fine. No problems, don't worry.

Times up

Cami's letter to Donna:

Thank you for the detailed account of your trip - Amy mostly talked about pecans :) It sounds like fun- having Amy move East has been a good opportunity for you to see more! I haven't really been east besides maybe two times. I'd like to go.

I love you!


ps - it has been cold sometimes and burning hot others but I have been warm enough. When it was really freezing cold I had a miracle. I found a coat in our appartment. It perfectly fit me, it's a tan color peacoat, very beautiful. It really was a miracle someone left it, because I needed it. Today I've been sweating though in short sleeves, don't need it! There have been a lot of flowers lately. Gorgeous.
6 Minutes to write a "family email" left. Where did the time go?

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